10 Best Mobile Apps

10 Best Mobile Apps

By Sameer Bhale

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to be one, challenges are going to be a part of your workday life. But, thankfully, there are some useful mobile apps that can make things easier for you. From organising stuff or taking notes to looking for an easy way to type, there is an app out there for your specific needs.  Here are a few:

1.Dropbox: If you've been looking for a place to keep your docs, photos, videos and other files safely backed up, then Dropbox is just what you need on your phone. With this app on your smartphone, you can not only keep your files safe but also access them from all your devices. Moreover, it's easy to send large files to anyone, even if they don't have a Dropbox account. This app is free and designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

2.Buffer: This is a must-have app for all those entrepreneurs who want to extend their reach and take their business on to the next level. Buffer allows you to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn easily. So, download this app on your phones for free and build up a queue of awesome content to share with your friends and followers. Additionally, you can even follow-up on your posts with Buffer's straightforward analytics to see the performance of each post.

3.Evernote: Are you looking for a full-featured note-taking app that allows you to take notes and sync effortlessly? This app is a must-have on your phones. It's clean and minimally designed which also makes it flexible to use. Every entrepreneur needs a quick place to record and save all their thoughts, notes, photos, etc. This app helps them and has created a benchmark in every industry. Evernote is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, in addition to its Web app.

4.Audiobooks from Audible: Enjoy books and stories on the go with this incredible app "Audiobooks from Audible". Whether you want to listen to your favourite story or listen to a book, Audible offers you a wide range of books from bestsellers to classics with more than 1,80,000 titles downloadable to your device. So, if you don't have enough time for all the books you want to enjoy, download this app. The app is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

5.Pocket: Pocket, being one of the most userfriendly and reliable app, is widely used by entrepreneurs across the world. It has been named one of the best apps for iPhone, iPad by Appstore and for Android devices. This app is your place to quickly save, discover and even recommend the best stories on web. The most interesting thing about this app is that it works offline. You can access what you've saved offline.

6.WinStreak: We live in a world where there is more negativity all around than positivity. WinStreakTm is a simple tool for making sure that, at the end of every day, you feel positive about your accomplishments and excited for the next day. So, if you really want to track your progress or give a kick-start to your motivation level, then this app is a must have for you.

7.Trello: Are you a writer? Have you been managing a team of freelancers? If yes, this app is a must for you. Trello makes sure you're organised and on top of it all, it is easy to use and extremely flexible. Download it now on your device from iTunes or Google Play.

8.Fleksy: Looking for an easy and quick way to type? Fleksy is what you need to download on your apps right away. It is one of the fastest keyword in the world. It also features extensions and more than 40 colourful themes and can be used to find and send GIFs. You can seemingly switch between languages too when typing. Fleksy supports over 42 languages. This app is available for download on iTunes and Goggle Playstore.

9.Wunderlist: If you are looking for a quick and safe way to capture ideas, things to do and places to see, then Wunderlist is an app that you must download on your phones today. It helps millions of people around the world to share their lists of projects, grocery list or vacation plan and collaborate with everyone in their life. This app instantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access your lists from anywhere.

10.Focus@will: Focus@will is a neuroscience based music subscription that helps increase your attention span up to 400% when working, studying, writing and reading. This app is best for all those who have trouble concentrating, need help getting work done or lose focus easily. So, by downloading this app on your phone, you can be productive on demand specifically when working to a deadline.