10 things you need to know about Freedom 251

10 things you need to know about Freedom 251

By Priyanka Rele

Freedom 251, India's cheapest Smartphone, priced at a mere Rs. 251 and launched by an unknown company called Ringing Bells, sounds too good to be true. Though the first reaction of the public was probably awe and giddiness, it soon turned into a looming mass of doubts and queries about this claim.


The phone claims to have a

  • 4 inch qHD IPS display
  • 2MP AF Rear Camera & .3MP Front camera
  • 3 GHz Quadcore Processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory, expandable up to 32GB
  • dual-SIM 3G capability
  • the recent Android Lollipop 5.1 OS


Here are 10 more things that you should know about Freedom 251.

  1. The price of Freedom 251 seems to be the biggest red flag. With the present technology, no mobile phone can be manufactured at that cost even if it's subsidized. Since the company has made it clear that they haven't received any subsidy for this project, the selling price of Freedom 251 remains a mystery.
  2. The handsets appear to carry the 'Adcom' branding. While some reports claim that Adcom has denied any connection with Freedom 251, others state that Adcom is pursuing legal action against Ringing Bells for buying the handsets from them and reselling them without permission.
  3. The website of Freedom 251 is mostly hardcoded and contains no contact details. Though the site cites 650+ service centers, they fail to mention their locations. Also, they had the option to buy 'half' a phone!
  4. The company Ringing Bells has literally entered the market overnight. They have no past experience to speak of and are currently involved in land dispute regarding their business premises.
  5. Though Ringing Bells could have easily partnered with any of the known e-commerce sites online, they did not do so. There is currently no evidence of their capability to handle the logistics of the sales.
  6. The price of Freedom 251 makes it seem like it is subsidized or attached to the 'make in India' campaign. However, it's not so. Government officials have confirmed that they have nothing to do with Freedom 251.
  7. The company used prototypes for the unveiling and launch, not the actual handset. Though they have assured that the actual product will have identical specs, it is yet to be confirmed.
  8. The Noida-based company is now under the IT department's scanner who are looking into the financial structure of the company.
  9. The Indian Cellular Association is not happy with Ringing Bells or Freedom 251.
  10. Due to all the speculation surrounding the legitimacy of the product, Ringing Bells has decided to refund the money to the people who have booked their Freedom 251 online and instead offer them a COD option.

Whether Freedom 251 is just a gimmick or a real effort towards bringing the best of technology to the masses is yet to be seen. For now, all we can do is speculate and wait.

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