5 Best Contouring Palettes In India

5 Best Contouring Palettes In India

By Chetna

Contouring and highlighting are the main parts of displaying a sculpted look on the face when doing make up. It not only gives the face a structured look but it also brings out the most prominent features with subtlety. It helps to define higher cheek bones, slender nose and well cut facial features. It helps hide the flaws of the face by masking them and drawing attention to other areas. A contouring palette comprises of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and a highlighter and finding them in one place helps in sorting out many make-up woes. Here is a list of the best contouring palette available in India:

1. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette Highlighter (Brown)

The product has 4 shades of highlighters and 4 shades of contours arranged in a neat package of 2 rows. Each pan can be removed from the plastic container individually. It consists of 2 shimmery and 2 matte shades making it ideal everyday and party wear. The color payoff is great though the powder does fall off a bit from the pan. It is available at the price of 4000 rs.

2. Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette

This is a great beginner’s palette as it has all shades of highlighting, contouring and blushes. The product consists of 6 shades out of which 2 are blushes, 1 is a bronzer and 3 are highlighters of varying shades. The powders are all matte and with no shimmer element making it ideal only for daily wear. The staying power is only 4. It is available for 3000 rs.

3. Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette

This palette is unique with its 8 shades of shimmery and matte. The palette contains 4 blushes, 3 bronzers and 1 highlighter which can be mixed and matched at ease. Their best advantage is that they are highly pigmented and easy to blend. This is perfect addition for every professional make-up artist as well as it has the quality of some very high-end brands. It is available for the price of 1350 rs.

4. Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette Dark

This is more of concealer palette than a highlighter palette. The square sturdy package contains 6 different shades that can be blended together to hide any kind of imperfection on the skin and give a flawless look. There are shades of pink, brown, earth and green to give the perfect choice according to need. This product can be bought at the price of 1200 rs.

5. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

One of the most popular palettes across the world, this contains 6 different shades of highlighters and contours that can solve any sculpting problems. The shimmer is perfectly balanced with the matte shades giving the user an array of colors to play with when using it. The staying power is the highest close to 6 hours and is very easy to blend too. It is available at the price of 8500 rs.