5 Highest Selling Smartphones Worldwide

5 Highest Selling Smartphones Worldwide

By Anamika Sharma

Over a decade Apple is ruling the smartphone market as it is the most powerful company with the highest selling products. As per HIS’ list of 10 “Best Selling Smartphone for 2016”, the world’s most shipped smartphone in the year is from Apple- iPhone 6S. Let us know which are the others highest selling smartphones worldwide:


1. Apple iPhone 6S

The title of the highest selling smartphone in 2016 goes to Apple iPhone 6S. It was launched in September 2015 and you can find this one on nearly 38,000 e-commerce websites. This phone uses Apple’s A9 processor which makes it run 70 percent faster than the previous phones of Apple. The features of Apple iPhone 6S are 3D touch, 2GB RAM and 12 megapixel iSight rear camera.

2. Apple iPhone 7

This is the second most selling smartphone worldwide. It was launched in India in the month of October. It costs around Rs. 50,000. 4.7 inch display with 3D touch Retina HD display is the feature that it possesses. Not only this, it is powered by the new quadcore Apple A10 Fusion processor which is 40 percent faster than Apple A9.

3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

It is on the third position with the big-screen variant of the current flagship iPhone 7. The price of Apple iPhone 7 Plus is around Rs 60,000. A10 Fusion processor, 5.5inch display and 2GB RAM are some of its features. It also has a powerful camera. The smartphone has a 7 megapixel front camera.

4. Apple iPhone 6S Plus

It is the world’s fourth most shipped smartphone worldwide.  It is the bigger-screen variant of iPhone 6S. The cost of Apple iPhone 6S Plus is approximately Rs. 44,000. It has the same specifications as iPhone 6S except some minor variations on camera and battery front.

5. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung makes its appearance in the list at the fifth place with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It was launched in the month of March with the price of Rs. 8,990. One of the very different features which this phone offers is “S bike mode” which mutes the phone and automatically sends a text to the caller. It has 5 inch HD display and offers 1.5 GB RAM.