5 Places to Visit When in Dehradun

5 Places to Visit When in Dehradun

By Kismat Herr

You can never go wrong with Dehradun. It is an urban (modern) city with all the typical amenities that a developed one must have but also has the beauty and peace that only a small town in the hills can provide. The best of both worlds you could say.


#1 Places to Eat

Now before sightseeing, shopping and what not, one must always and I mean ALWAYS fill their tummies up. Dehradun provides both, the promising taste of fast food that you have had before to other cozy, local places that will make your taste buds sing.

1st Gear Café has one of the best views ever. You can see the whole city from there and enjoy a nice cup of coffee too.

Sunburn Bistro is located centrally so one is never too far away from it. The ambience is something between Goa effect and ‘Old Movies’ theme.

Orchard is located in a very quiet and beautiful neighborhood. You can get one of the finest Tibetan meals there.


#2 Places to Visit

Now we get back to the main deal. Dehradun has a lot to offer.

Buddha Temple has a very serene atmosphere. One must go there when in Doon, locates in Clemet Town. There are numerous little Tibetan stalls selling things that might interest the people heading towards the temple.

Maldevta is like a picnic spot but a must-see place. There are numerous cottages there and one should stay there at least one night. 


#3 Places to Shop

There are malls here so you will find all the international trends and a system of singular fashion brands (single outlets) too so you can enjoy the weather, go for a little walk and shop till you drop dead.

If you want some local designs, then Sister bazaar (Landour) is where you must go.

If you are on the hunt of some local things, Tibetan Market or Indira Market are the places to go to.

#4 Places that are Close by

Landour has a great view. ‘Chaar Dukan’ makes very yummy food and don’t be surprised if you bump into Sachin Tendulkar there. Great place to walk around with ‘Brit Ambience’ cafes.

Mussoorie does one even have to explain this one? The queen of hills is often known for its scenic beauty, snowfall, mall road and happens to be a big-time tourist attraction and honeymoon destination.

George Everest is in a very secluded area. Perfect place to do trekking and I promise you that the view from the top will take your breath away and the approach i.e. the drive is magnificent not only because of very less traffic but also the view.


#5 Other Things

Go for a drive –  One of the best thing about Doon is that every 2 Kms you will find a scenic spot to get yourself clicked, drink a cup of chai and eat Maggie or simply just take in the city and enjoy the moment.

Cycling- If you ever go uphill you will realize that a lot of people are cycle enthusiasts here.

IMA- Dehradun happens to be the home of the ‘Indian Military Academy’. The Passing Out Parade that happens twice a year is something that one must witness. It will give you goosebumps and make you feel proud of your soldiers.

All in all Doon is a promising weekend and vacation place.