5 sweets from Hyderabad you should never miss!

5 sweets from Hyderabad you should never miss!

By Anamika Sharma

Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs, is famous for the lovers of food. The people in Hyderabad are great eaters and have an enormous liking for the sweets. Sophistication and quality is clearly visible in the recipes of the sweets. Let us look at the list of the best sweets that city of Nawabs offer.

1. Khubani ka meetha

Khubani or Khobani is an Urdu word for apricot. It is most famous dish as well as the common one in the Hyderabadi weddings.  Dried apricot, a huge amount of ghee and nuts are used in the preparation of the Khubani ka meetha.


2. Jauzi Halwa

Thinking where you can get the best Jauzi Halwa, then visit the Hamidi confectioners in Mauzem jahi market in the old city part of Hyderabad. Condensing milk is used for the making of this sweet dish containing nutmeg. Nutmeg makes it stand out from the other milk based sweets. Nutmeg has a predominant flavour.


3. Shahi Tukre or Double ka Meetha

Cooking the Nawabi desserts over a slow fire makes their quality vey fine and rich. Bread is layered in a deep dish after obtaining the golden brown colour by frying it. At the top condensed milk is poured at the layer which has saffron infused in it. With the pistachios sprinkled. How can the one forget the sweet dish like it on the formal occasions? A fine silver leaf created by prolonged hammering and flattening of a small piece of silver is used for garnishing the dish.


4. Gajar ka Halwa

One of the India’s most popular and lovable traditional desserts is Gajar ka Halwa or carrot pudding. It is adored by many. Slowly cooked carrot with saffron and sugar infused in milk make this most loving sweet dish.


5. Firni

One of the easy making dishes is Firni. It is light and delicately flavoured pudding. After a heavy and a rich meal, one can easily rely on it as it is easy on stomach. Rose water is sprinkled on the top to enhance the flavour and giving it a Nawabi touch.