5 Types Of Makeup Brushes You Should Have In Your Kit

5 Types Of Makeup Brushes You Should Have In Your Kit

By Chetna Kaushik

Applying makeup can be tricky business. It requires a lot of skill, just a like art and like in art a bad brush can ruin a whole mood to paint, a bad make up applicator can have women on edge and completely ready to skip important events. While most make-up products do come with their own little sponge applicators or there are others that can be easily put with the help of hands, the effect that a brush can bring out can’t be achieved with the flimsy additional applicators or fingers too. For this very reason, here is a list of the basic types of brushes every beauty-lover should own to ease out their life.

1. Traditional Foundation Brush 

While putting foundation it is essential that the foundation does not crease or streak across the face. When put with the help of fingers it tends to get streaked giving it a very patchy and uneven look. This is the time that a traditional foundation brush comes to play. It is to be used it quick swift motions over the face to make sure that the foundation is applied evenly all over the area. 

2. Concealer Brush 

Touching pimples and blemishes with fingers can cause infections so it is advisable to not leave them alone. While applying makeup special care has to be taken to not irritate the skin and concealer brushes come in handy during such situations.  Soft touches on the discoloured area to blend the product are enough to make the skin look flawless and it helps in achieving an air-brushed look. 

3. Powder/ Blush Brush

Powder blushes are very hard to manoeuvre as a quick and perfect stroke across the cheek can hardly be possible with fingers. This brush is thick with one side slightly shorter than the other and it can be used to give the definition of blush in few quick upward strokes on the cheek. The shorter side can be used to apply product towards the inner crease of the eye making it dual purpose. 

4. Pencil Brush

This brush is useful in getting the perfect shaped eyeliner and eye brows. It allows control over gel liners and manipulation this brush can result in beautiful cat-eyes. These can also be used to contour the eye-shadow to create an interesting effect. For bold eye brows, this brush gives better results than the average brow liners which give an artificial look to the brows instead of highlighting them according to the face. They can evenly distribute the powder to make the brows look dense instead of just 2 hard-drawn lines.

5. Angled Brush

This brush is great for making the perfect cupid’s bow on the lips and defining the shape of the lip liner.   Filling in the lip color becomes a piece of cake after using this to tight-line the lips. Furthermore, the brush’s flat surface can be used to smudge in the eyeliner to give it a more lived in look making it a multi-purpose brush.