Awareness of various land dimensions

Awareness of various land dimensions

By Inderjeet Kaur

In a country like India, there are diverse religions, languages and castes like this we have diverse land measurements units. Most of us are not aware of these units. If you see from one state to another, you will feel amaze to listen separate words for land dimensions. The most popular measurement in India is Bigha (Beegah) which is used in most of the states in India. Apart from this, Square Meters, Square Yards and Acres which are also known frequently in standard international unit measurement.


Some people have not heard of Cents and Acres but they are also popular land measurement units like Bigha. These units carry out queer measurement like Kanal, Katha, Are, Biswa. Like this, there are many more. In a different state, the same unit term could mean a different amount of land. Let' study these measurement units in details.

The unit Bigha is mostly used in North India, some states of east and some of the West but it is not used in southern states of India. This unit is used in, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Bigha unit does not have any standard size and varies place to place.

In several states, the measurements of Bigha are from 1500 to 6770 Square meters in smaller areas. In some larger areas, it is high as 12,400 square meters. It is having its subunit as Biswa & Katha which are used in many regions. Bigha varies from 4 to 20 Biswas in different regions. Biswa is used in UP, Punjab, Haryana, some parts of HP, Uttarakhand. Whereas 1 Bigha varies from 5 to 20 Katha according to different regions and widely used in Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh.

In the eastern states like West Bengal, Jharkhand, Tripura, Bihar the measurement units used are Chatak, Decimal, Dhur and Lecha. Where 1 Chatak is 180 sq ft in West Bengal, 1 Decimal is 48.4 sq yd, 1 Dhur is 68.6 sq ft in Bihar and Jharkhand and 3.6 sqft in Tripura and 1 Lecha is 144 sq ft in Assam.

Now if we talk about the southern states of India then the measurement units used here are Ankanam, Bigha, Cent, Ground, Guntha & Kuncham. South Indian states are using very different terms. Here 1 Ankanam is equal to 72 sq ft in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, 1 Bigha is 1600 sq yd in Bengal and Assam, 1 Cent is 435.6 sq ft which are used in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka, 1 Ground is 2400 sq ft in Tamil Nadu. However 1 Guntha is 1089 sq ft and 1 Kuncham is 484 sq yd which is used in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Maharashtra.

The measurements units are various which are being used all over India. Here we have discussed a few of them. We should have knowledge about this factor before getting best deals in real estate sectors.