Best period of investment in real estate market

Best period of investment in real estate market

By Inderjit

As we know that growth in real estate industry is flat from some years which makes, this time, the best time to buy your dream home at less price. According to a report by some researchers, it is said that the year 2016 is looking forward to a steady revival and improvement in overall sales in Indian real estate markets.

It becomes very important to keep an eye on the prices movement of the houses and to be in touch with the other home buyers to know about what they are doing if you really want to judge the market very well. There is always been a confusion that When is the best time to invest?

Generally buying a property is all about timing. According to the data which is recorded in the last few years, it has been seen that there are some months in a year in which the less number of properties are being sold. These months are quite a month of the year in which very fewer properties are bought by buyers.

The benefit of this slow period is that buyers can go for more bargaining because of few buyers in an overall market. Especially when the seller wants to sell his property quickly, then the buyer has more bargaining power in this period of the year.


Start and the end of the year are the slow periods means the month of January and December. These two months are the best time of the year for your investment in real estate. These months are slowest because sellers are mostly concerned with the festivals season like Christmas. In these months of winter weather, very fewer buyers go out in cold for house hunt.

September also falls under this category of slow months as people are on holidays in the pleasant weather and enjoy Diwali and other festivals around this time. Another period is of the end of month July. According to the data, the demands of the property falls in this period of the year.

Another thing to be kept in mind that is about Government policies. These months could be a good time but one needs to keep an eye on government changes in policy. Government policy changes can be like the rise in the rates of interest or an increase in stamp duty. These all factors of changes can affect properties on the top of the market.

Some reasons to invest at this period are:-

  • Many old homeowners are displaced due to foreclosures so investors can buy rental properties without the mortgage payments burden.
  • Real estate prices are at pretty cheap prices. Now people can buy a nice property at the good location at reasonable prices.
  • Real estate property investment is still the long term investment. The value of the thing is much higher than it was 15 years back. If you have tenants than your investment is much more profitable for you.