Best Places to discover Fall in America

Best Places to discover Fall in America

By Akash Ranjan

The season of autumn also known as fall lasts until the month of December in America. There is no other season better than this to visit America. From landscapes to mountains, even valleys too are transformed in this mighty display of vibrant colors. This spectacular sight-seeing is accessible from the Great Appalachain Valley in eastern New York to the peaks of the Adirondacks in north. These are some of the places where you can experience fall in America.

The Catskills Mountains

Being a part of the Great Appalachain Valley, it is situated around 100 miles away from the city. The Catskills Mountains have always been a favorite spot for urban travellers. One of its major attractions is the Catskills Forest Reserve which is located within the Catskills Mountains. Maintained by the Forest Department of New York state, it has reserved its beauty in a magnificent manner. You can scramble along paths that show a glimpse of lovely nature.

Central Park, Manhattan

Not only the mountains and valleys, the city as well experience the best of fall in America. The Central Park in Manhattan is one of those cities which bloom with remarkable autumn fall forming beautiful scenery. You can wander through the park or hike the Empire State Building to witness the fall through different views. The Rockefeller is also a good option to take a 360 degree view right in the center of the city.

Finger Lakes

A cluster of 11 narrow lakes near the huge Ontario Lake in New York is The Finger Lakes. Almost every part of the lake is bounded by dense greenery that switches into a mesmerizing view of fall on the surface. This beautiful group of lakes has been vigorous since Utopian Movements. Moreover The Finger Lakes is also known as one of the largest wine manufacturing area consisting of more than 100 winegrowers. You can stay at the Hampton Inn Brockport which is few minutes away from both the Finger and Ontario Lakes.