Café Shops in Kolkata

Café Shops in Kolkata

By Dr. Kisholoy Roy

India is a country that has a burgeoning youth population and hence it is quite obvious that when it comes to hanging out, cafes will definitely be the top rated destination. Café shops are places where people generally like to have something light and refreshing in terms of food and have lots of chat with their friends, peers and other acquaintances. Major café shops in the country offer a vibrant interior that includes color, décor, lighting and music along with a rich aroma of coffee saturating the atmosphere.


When it comes to Kolkata, there are a number of popular café shops and various happening locations of the city that offer a plethora of choices in terms of snacks that go well with the core ingredient which is either tea or coffee. One of the oldest café shops in Kolkata is the Indian Coffee House at College Street, one of the heritage avenues of the city. It was here that at one point of time regional celebrities from the world of art and culture used to meet and brainstorm on their upcoming creative pursuits. This retail brand is now situated at another location near Jadavpur University. Food items like mutton and chicken sandwiches, chicken and mutton omlettes, chicken kaviraji, fish and baked fish are the top draws apart from of course the coffee on offer.

Since the turn of the new millennium, Café Coffee Day outlets have been on the rise in the city. Presently this café shop brand is at 89 locations in the city. It is hard not to find a CCD outlet after travelling every 1-2 kms within the city. One of the biggest differentiator for the CCD outlets is the range of coffee that CCD offers like hazelnut cappuccino, hazelnut latte and Irish coffee. Café Mocha and Ethiopian coffee are some of the other popular variants. The cup cakes on offer at CCD are also extremely popular and so are sundaes like Sizzle Dazzle brownie and Twilight dessert.

Another popular café restaurant in the city is Mrs. Magpie where the highlight is the unusual ambience and the way food stuffs are served. The ambience is that of an old Anglo-Indian house. Teas served in transparent pots look extremely tempting. Range of teas and coffees are on offer like Darjeeling, Assam, Green, Peppermint and Earl Grey teas and coffees like Americano, Café Latte and Café Mocha. Another highlight is the sheer variety of cupcakes that Mrs. Magpie offers. Peanut butter, Nutty Praline, Mushi Mushi, Marmy Vanilla are some to worth mentioning. The Chocolate Pudding is another big draw.

Cha Bar located at Park Street is an extremely popular café shop and one of the major reasons for its popularity is that it is housed within an extremely popular bookstore – The Oxford Bookstore. People can leisurely go through books or browse the net while sipping their favorite beverages and other snacks. Organic teas like organic Darjeeling, organic tulsi and organic lemon and ginger are worth having and so are the breakfast and Nilgiri teas. Flavored café lattes are another popular choice with customers. The soft and delicious chocolate muffin is worth having along with a cup of coffee.

It costs between `300-`500 for two people to have a sumptuous treat at any of the above mentioned café restaurants in the city.  Café shops are growing in a big way in the city just it is growing at other places in the country and one can just hope to see greater innovations in terms of menu and ambience happening in this sphere.