EAT PRAY LOVE Movie Review

EAT PRAY LOVE Movie Review

By Kismat Herr

If someone would have mentioned this word a few years back, probably everybody would have started googling the meaning but no more. ‘Eat Pray Love’ gave us this beautiful word which has not only become popular but also is one of the most popular tattooed word, Facebook status, Instagram caption and honestly what not?

This beautiful movie starts out with an ordinary setting, a woman and man living in a cozy house, attending parties and then it takes a turn that I believe, everybody can relate to. The feeling of dissatisfaction and monotony enters in their lives. When Elizabeth (Julia Roberts) finally realizes that she is simply co-existing with her husband, living a life that she and maybe even he, no longer enjoyed but what she does after realizing this fact is something that we all refrain from doing, choosing the unbeaten path.

She divorces her husband (who does not take it well but accepts it on some level), tries to find happiness with David (James Franco) but later realizes it wasn’t her previous relationship which made her restless and slowly lose herself, in fact it was the demons prevailing in her that made it impossible for her to be at peace. She had lost her appetite for life.

Going against her lover and all her friends, who feel that she is just having a mid-life crisis like any other person out there, she embarks on this beautiful journey because she knew that the fire had spread too far for it to be contained. She wanted answers and this was the only way out. So, she decides to go to three different countries over a period of one year where she sees and experiences things not only outside but also within.


The land of Gelato, Pizza and Pasta had more than just that to offer. She felt the language in her bones, the more she learnt it, the beauty of Italian, I suppose. She found a deep friendship with a Swedish woman and numerous locals. She ate till her heart was full and laughed till she fell asleep in the soft arms of Roman nights. She learnt the true meaning of ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’, to get dressed for herself and laze around while basking in the sun.


She came looking for spiritual guidance with a proper course on ‘How to heal yourself 101’. Little did she know that it is a great struggle to do so, it can’t be taught, one must be willing to forgive and accept themselves and not copy a method. After going through much frustration, witnessing an Indian friend’s wedding and listening to the sad story of a fellow American gentleman, she finally let go off everything and everybody that had hurt her, her ex-husband and Ex-boyfriend, she had hurt and moved past her guilt.



Ketuk (the priest), a funny old man, taught her to smile from within. The serene atmosphere of Bali, the sounds of crashing waves can make anybody fall in love instantly. The perfect setting for the perfect man. There she met or rather bumped, literally, into a middle aged, humble and loving Brazilian, Felipe (Javier Bardem). He slowly found a place in her heart and made no impression of moving away anytime soon. She felt free and thoroughly loved. The fight or flight feeling did paralyze her for some time but she though against it and finally decided to go with it, to accept his love. She decided to cross over with him.