Force 2: Movie Review

Force 2: Movie Review

By Sarvesh Joshi

Force 2 is a sequel to the movie Force which was released in 2011.John Abraham reprises his role of ACP Yashvardhan in this thrilling sequel along with Sonakshi Sinha (as RAW Agent KK) and Tahir Raj Bhasin (as Shiv Sharma). The movie has a gripping storyline with many action-packed sequences. ACP Yashvardhan (John) receives a gift from his friend who was murdered few months back. The gift has a clue about the mysterious death of other RAW agents. He along with KK(Sonakshi) are sent on a mission to Budapest to find out the mystery behind the mysterious death of RAW Agents (including ACP’S Friend). They face life threatening scenarios during their mission but somehow catch hold of the culprit Shiv Sharma(Tahir). But the story doesn’t end here. In fact, the most interesting part of the movie starts after Shiv Sharma is caught. Shiv Sharma is shot at the airport. But he has a past. Why was he killing all the RAW agents? Is he a “REAL BADDIE”? Why RAW agents are unsung heroes? Do RAW Agents get their due? The movie has answers to all these questions.

All the leading actors have executed their parts well. John Abhraham displays his acting prowess along with his muscular body. The scene in which lifts the car highlights this fact. He is a police officer with a no-nonsense approach towards his job. Sonakshi Sinha is riveting in her character of RAW Agent KK.But Tahir Raj Bhasin as Shiv Sharma is literally the star of the movie despite playing an antagonist. This is his second Bollywood flick post “Mardaani” and he delivers an award-winning performance. The villain Shiv Sharma is an unconventional villain who plays with the minds of the protagonist. He may not be well-built like John yet he can overpower the latter with his psychological tricks.

The movie is well scripted and directed. The movie plot hardly shows down during the entire movie. It is an action-packed movie and unlike its prequel the fight between the protagonist and the antagonist is less physical. The movie salutes the bravery of all RAW agents who never get their due credit. There is a strong message after the movie which salutes these unsung heroes who gave up their lives to protect our country.

The cinematography and action of the movie and takes the movie to a different level altogether. We can witness the beauty of Europe in this movie. Coming to the music in the movie, there are two songs in the entire movie. In fact, the story is so fast-paced that the second song which is an item number appears like a distraction from the movie plot. Unlike the conventional Bollywood movies this movie does not show a romantic angle between John and Sonakshi. In a nutshell, the movie has all the components of a Bollywood blockbuster and is undoubtedly watchable.