Gilheriyaan: Dangal Song Review

Gilheriyaan: Dangal Song Review

By Rajashree Singha

Soft, composed and creamy, Gilheriyaan will give you wings; it will awaken the soft, subtle side of you as another day-dreaming teenage girl.This silky and gossamer song will enliven the mischievous, playful side of you, unlike the first two songs of the movie. Soft, composed and creamy, Gilheriyaan will give you wings; it will awaken the soft, subtle side of you as another day-dreaming teenage girl. Easily flowing and pleasant to the ears, this song will revive you the taste of your first freedom. This song will bring back reminiscences of your befriending the flexibilities life served you in your early teens.

Amitabh Bhattacharya garnered the best words, the sensation, especially of permitting oneself to autonomy. Jonita Gandhi’s glossy voice did a very beautiful justice to the impish choice of words, and Pritam, as always nurtured it with his exquisite music. Amidst the training as a wrestler, Geeta discovers herself. She cherishes herself with a simple feminine gust of wind; who is exposed to all the emblematic regular obsession as painting her nails, dancing with a mannequin, and as spicy as her flawless passion, tasting the panipuri. She breaks the rules, comes out of the boundaries she was bounded with and loves herself. She is seen exposing herself to a new metropolitan city, very much different from her native village back in Haryana, with a whole new excitement she has never come across. Her childhood went past training as a wrestler which demanded her lifestyle as one. Never laid bare to the world of cutting lines and limitations, she breathes air of independence and dwells in a bubble of fantasy. She is blushing when she realizes the boy she comes across every morning is interested in her, and she is reciprocating in a way as to growing her hair and smiling all alone. A very soft side to the Dhaakad girl, Gilheriyaan explores a handful of mixed feelings one experiences when exposed to freedom.

Babita, on the other hand, is seen working hard to get her foot marked on the platform where her sister has already left one. She is still abiding by the rules made by her father, restraining herself from all kind of pleasure Geeta is experiencing far away from home. But deep down, she is seen longing to go past all the pleasures life provides at her age. An excited Babita enquires about her sister’s lifestyle to her father, who shuts her up and reminds her that he still is her coach. While Geeta sways her wings of freedom, Amir instinctively knows what is happening with her daughter and there he is seen worried.

Unlike Dangal’s first two songs, which were enthusiastic and ambitious; Gilheriyaan is far from the tears, sweat and hard work the first two music track pictured. Gilheriyaan is simply another luscious bollywood track, of a girl loving her days and day-dreaming; about a girl who is answering to her feelings as “hazaaron gulmohar se bhar gayi hai khwahison ki tehniyaan”. A very fluffy and mushy side to the Dhaakad sisters, far away from their worried Haanikarak Bapu’s glare, Gilheriyan is supple, ambient and fascinating. It takes you to flashbacks of your loving yourself as a ‘sweet sixteen’.