How To Plan A Budget Holiday In South India

How To Plan A Budget Holiday In South India

By Anuradha Shukla

If you are an avid tourist and have not travelled across South India, you are definitely missing out on an experience that is amazingly beautiful. The lush green pastures, soothing sea beaches and exquisite temples of the region truly make it a memorable area to be explored and remembered for a lifetime.

Still, most people find a trip to South India particularly expensive when it comes to travel, boarding and lodging. Also, finding eateries offering healthy food at affordable prices in the tourist destinations over there too remains a challenge, like anywhere else in the world. So let’s know a few rarely known secrets that may help you a great deal in planning a holiday in South India that will be loved by both your pocket and your senses at the same time.

Evade Peak Season: Southern Indian states have a relatively hot and humid atmosphere when compared to their northern or central counterparts, which makes them an avoidable destination during summers. Winters are especially found to be pleasant in South India, hence the peak season for South Indian tourism begins in December and ends after January every year. It is during these months that the prices for everything right from hotel charges to ferry or taxi fares surge considerably, quite naturally to make up for the losses incurred during lean periods. But this is where you can act smart and cut down on your expenditures. Try to plan your South India tour during early November or late February any year, and you will not only save your money, but will enjoy to the fullest. Go For Beach Huts & Lodges: If you are not very particular about staying in a star hotel, then the highly affordable beach huts and lodges of South India might turn out to be a great place for you to stay overnight. More often then not, they are appropriately clean and tidy, offer a comfortable feel and cost as low as Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 a night.

Turn Vegetarian, Spend Less: If you can’t do without gourmet food, you can treat yourself with a regular buffet featuring a comprehensive menu at any decent hotel across the South Indian states between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 a meal. But if you really aim at spending less and still not missing out on the mouth-watering delicacies this wonderful area has to offer, a vegetarian thali costing less than Rs 100 must be your choice of food. These thalis comprise an assortment of extremely delicious South Indian vegetarian dishes, and will in no way satiate your taste buds any less than the non-vegetarian platters. Bargain Is The Keyword: Whether you’re moving in and around the South Indian cities or towns through auto-rickshaws or buying the exquisite local handicrafts, you must always keep it in your mind that initial prices are almost invariably hiked for the tourists, and bargaining will definitely make you pay much less than what you were initially asked.