Indias First Supercar – M-Zero

Indias First Supercar – M-Zero

By Priyanka

For ages Indian car enthusiasts have been dreaming about the Ford GTs, McClarens, Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Given the amount of money and brains in our country, it is a little surprising that till date we haven't joined the ranks of countries like Italy, America or Germany when it comes to rolling out a flashy car. Well, fret no more, Mean Metal Motors, a start-up company founded by Sarthak Paul plans to do just that. This 21-year old bright and ambitious entrepreneur has plans to produce India's first supercar. The company already has a couple of planned concepts and Paul hopes to have the first physical prototype of this car all ready by the Paris Auto show this year.

About the team

The supercar has been named "M-Zero" by Paul. There are 4 teams from 4 countries involved in the project of creating this car. The teams are from Portugal, Italy, UK and India. While the teams in Portugal & Italy are working on the body and styling, the UK team is responsible for the analysis and simulations of the M-zero. The Indian team is the backbone of the entire project as they are taking care of the transmission, engine, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, electronics and the energy storage systems.

About M-zero

Paul has great plans for the M-zero. Though the procurement process is still underway, Paul wants to get either a 4.0 litre AMG V8 bi-turbo OR a 4.8 litre NA V10. He says it will be a parallel hybrid mid-engined supercar with an electric motor. The electric motor will be able to produce approximately 250bhp thereby giving the M-zero a power of 750+ bhp and a torque output of 900Nm.


Since the M-zero is being touted as a supercar, it is being developed as a performance oriented vehicle. The team mentions a few of the features which will help the M-zero live up to the hype of being India's first supercar.


  • Crosshair, which is a vertical stabilizer for the aerodynamics and the stability of the car.
  • Use of special alloys so that the structure has better adaptability for better aerodynamics.
  • Light weight suspension system with the help of hydro-pneumatic struts.
  • Thinner Turbulizer for reducing aerodynamic drag.
  • Fingerprint keyless entry, which sounds amazing but does have some practical issues.
  • The ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds.

The team is currently trying to raise an initial $7 million to build the prototype. If the prototype is successful, the manufacturing facility of M-zero will be set in a Scandinavian country. Plans are to market M-zero in Europe.

Although just a start up, Mean Metal Motors seems to have a sound plan in place. They have been transparent in their goals and have addressed all the issues which are imminent with a project like this. The car, M-zero, is radical yet probable and a first for our country. So, let's wish them luck and wait patiently. You never know, they might just surprise you!