iPhone 7 - 5 awesome features we can expect

iPhone 7 - 5 awesome features we can expect

By Priyanka Rele

iPhone, though aspirational, has constantly wowed us all with its functionality. Every year, with every new launch it raises our expectations and fulfills them as well. After a successful year 2015 which saw the launch of iPhone 6, we now wait with bated breath for the iPhone 7 to be launched this year. By now all you iPhone fans will have read through all the rumors, expectations and expert analyses that is out there to build up your own hopes about what the latest iPhone will have to offer.

Though some of the expectations like 3D screens and flexible models are clearly a little farfetched, there are definitely some features that are logical enough for us to hope for. Here is a list of 5 amazing features that we can realistically expect from the new iPhone. iphone The screen There are rumors of 2 screens sizes, a 4.7-inch regular one and a 5.5-inch model which will be the 7S. Though a third size seems to be the norm, it is not certain whether there will be an iPhone 7 mini with a 4-inch screen.

We can also look forward to a higher screen resolution though it might be difficult to top the previous one. Apple could also be switching to OLED panels for the next models. The form The iPhone 7 is expected to have a substantial redesign of its form. Apart from the absence of the headphone jack which will make it thinner, there are chances of it losing the antenna bands and the camera bump. There are certain rumors of an edge to edge screen for the iPhone 7 as well. The camera iPhone picture quality and camera resolutions have always topped the list and there/‘s no reason why it should stop now. We would expect nothing less than 16mp on iPhone 7. But since it/‘s Apple, it might work its magic behind the screen (or camera) to improve the picture quality rather than just increase the number of megapixels.

The Storage There is talk within the expert community that the iPhone 7 would probably start with a 32GB model thereby eradicating the 16GB one. The other /‘works/‘ Wireless charging was supposed to be up and running with the 6s model but it didn/‘t pan out. So, we are hoping it will be rolled out with iPhone 7.

Waterproof, though talked about a lot, does not seem to be on the table for this launch. iPhone 7 could be splash resistant but that/‘s about it. There are talks of it having /‘wet finger support/‘too which means you/‘ll be able to work with iPhone 7 even when your fingers are wet. Though there are rumors of many other iPhone models to surface soon, the one we all are eagerly waiting for is definitely the iPhone 7. So feel free to indulge your imagination and dream a little bigger. Apple might just surprise you!