Jodhpur Forts

Jodhpur Forts

By Akash Ranjan

When we think of Rajasthan, we probably picture in our mind the Sun City of Jodhpur with the harsh sands of the Thar Desert around it. Coming to the elements which defines the city are the narrow ancient lanes and streets, forts and monuments, colorful dresses and handicraft. Jodhpur is the cultural nucleus of the state which lies almost square in the geographic center of Rajasthan. For the centuries, it was the capital of the Marwar kingdom and was occupied by other rulers and great dynasties such as Mughal Empire. Today, the forts and monuments in Rajasthan stand in the city untouched by the ravages of time. They are the symbols that the long time has passed. Here are some popular Jodhpur forts and monuments that you should visit:

1. Mehrangarh Fort

It is a remarkable symbol of the architecture of India. It stands on the hill and the Fort overlooks the blue houses of the old city. There are the red sandstone walls which rise hundreds of feet above the round which guards the fort. At the very first sight of this place, you will realize why Rudyard Kipling called this fort as “work of giants”. It also has one of the most impressive museums in India.

2. Jaswant Thada

It is a stunning memorial made up of white marble to commemorate the Marwar royal family. It was built in the year 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh. The white marbles used here are so thin in the bright sun desert, these sheets glow warming. This is just not it; Jaswant Thoda is even decorated with several gazebos and portraits of the rulers of Jodhpur. It also has a small lake as well as a garden.

3. Umaid Bhawan Palace

It is an immense and impressive building that lies in between of 26 acres of land along with the flawlessly maintained gardens. It is also one of the biggest private residences in the whole world as still the royal Jodhpur family lives here. Taj Group manages a part of it which is a hotel which helps visitors to get experience of a royal life. It lies 15 minutes away from Jodhpur.