Kindling a revolution.

Kindling a revolution.

By Sayantika Adak

If you consider yourself to be a bookworm, a true reader then you will without a doubt hate the whole concept of an e-book or an e-book reader like Kindle, for that matter. After all, a Kindle will not let you immerse yourself in that amazing smell of a new book or an old tattered copy of Anna Karenina! It will definitely not let you use the beautiful bookmarks you’ve so fondly collected over the years or even let the cute guy across the plane aisle know that you are reading the great works of Tolstoy (or Fifty shades of Grey!). So why would you ever trade those heavenly feelings to end up holding a Kindle?

Well, practically, because it is definitely a better option! Hear us out before you trash this article and decide to torch the author…


Things you CAN do with a Kindle.

  • Store millions of books (Okay, that is probably a stretch but you get the drift).
  • Literally carry your entire library and wish list with you… everywhere.
  • Read without disturbing anyone around (especially the non-readers who never get it)
  • Store millions of books!!! (Yeah we already said that… but it is the BEST reason ever)

So when you travel with a Kindle instead of all the books from the Harry Potter series or PG Wodehouse series, you will have more space to cram in other things like shoes… or maybe even your Television! Now let’s take a quick look at the ‘technical’ reasons why transitioning to a Kindle should be your Resolution this new year. (Gifting one to your special one this valentine is quite a smart move as well.)

For the uninitiated, the Kindle has evolved over the years since its introduction in 2007. Starting from the basic and original model which could barely hold 200 titles and was just an e-ink version, it is now also available in LCD versions. However, the model you should consider to begin with, is the Kindle Paperwhite. It is way ahead of the original version and a great place to get you hooked on to e-book readers before you would want to upgrade to the LCD version.

The Kindle Paperwhite 3rd Generation has,

  • A 6-inch backlit display which is free of glare for comfortable reading under the sun
  • A resolution of 300 PPI which means crisper text for pleasant reading
  • A tighter touch grid for better response though limited
  • Wi-fi and 3G connectivity
  • Lighter weight which makes it easier for you to hold for long periods of time
  • A long lasting battery life
  • You will have access to the Amazon store and
  • The option of setting up a Family library to share books


The only cons we could think of were that you will not be able to buy your e-books anywhere else (which you won’t miss) and the absence of an Adaptive Backlight (which is available in the Kindle Voyage).

So what are you waiting for? Go get your very own Kindle and start hoarding!