Know about the worlds first holographic smartphone

Know about the worlds first holographic smartphone

By Aslam

Forget iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 or S8 You can now buy the worlds first holographic smartphone very soon. Yes, Red, a digital camera maker for Hollywood movies, has claimed to produce hydrogen-rich Holi graphic phones.

According to the company, hydrogen is the worlds first holographic phone and will not need glasses to see holograms in it. The 5.7-inch phone will be equipped with an Android operating system which can be booked on pre-order. Its better version is titanium 1595 dollars, while the second lightest version aluminum will be sold for $ 1195 and it will be in the hands of the consumer in the first quarter of next year.

According to the company, this phone will have a professional hydrogen holographic display through which switching to traditional 2D, 3D and interactive games will be very easy. This phone includes Austria 3d content, To D / 3D virtual reality, AR. (augmented reality) and mixed reality content can be seen.

The high-quality voice is also being termed as an important feature in this phone, for which a special algorithm exists that the stereo sound will turn around 5.1 stereo sound. But now the company did not illuminate other features, including its processor, storage, and RAM, although it has been stated that the camera will be able to take a holographic picture with high-quality videos and photos with modular growth.