Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

By Anamika Sharma

Mostly when people decide to visit Africa then going through the brochure they find only the famous destinations. Flicking through the pages the usual destinations are Pyramids, Kenyan Safaris and South African wine tours. But one of the most safe, accessible and beautiful site of the continent is absent.

Why no one talks about Lake Malawi? It is situated in the sub-Saharan Africa and is nestled between Mozambique and Zambia. This place is politically stable and has strong historic ties with Scotland. It is the English speaking place and possesses a well-developed tourist’s infrastructure. But there are lacks of direct flights from the UK which means that only few people have ventured here. And those who have visited this place have kept the secret only to themselves.

The charm is all about the well-developed safari parks, verdant tea states and mountain treks. The most impressive is Lake Malawi which is a vast body having the fresh water covering one third of the whole country.

This place is landlocked but who needs the coastline when there are sandy beaches, uninhabited islands as well as the various opportunities and facilities for water sports, swimming and snorkeling. When comes to the evening, visit Cape Maclear which is a place fully of wooden beaches huts stretched along the lakeside. The town is very-well known for its cleanliness of water and the atmosphere attracts people to set up the shop.

You can also learn scuba diving by hiring a kayak and snorkeling gear. If that is not in your wish list, then you can simply stretch on the white sands and soak the endless rays of sun. Lake Malawai also has a wider side so rather than staying at this place you can also hire a boat and visit the private islands, Mumbo.  This place is 10 kilometers away from the shore. At first, you may think that the island is uninhabited but it is not.

It is an eco resort and the beautiful huts that are amongst the trees made up of sustainable timber. This place has the natural breeze cooling and after the dark lighting are available using solar-power lanterns. As there is no pollution, one can see the constellation easily visible in the sky.