Make Your Dull Eyes Sparkle With These Amazing Makeup Tips

Make Your Dull Eyes Sparkle With These Amazing Makeup Tips

By Shanaya

Eyes are the most beautiful part of your face that will attract everyone. Big sparkling eyes definitely square your beauty. But the most important thing that you require is right makeup.

A pretty dress, Matching jewelry and sandals aren't enough to steal everyone' attention. Perfect makeup is the utmost thing and what makes the makeup look perfect? Your eyes.As said, Beautiful Eyes attracts everyone' attention.

So, give your eyes the perfect look with these tips:

- Are you annoyed with your puffy eyes? Applying tons of concealer is of no use?

Relax, all you need is to walk towards your refrigerator and grab some Ice cubes. Rub your eyes with them and get rid of puffiness.

Now your Eyes are ready for the perfect look.


- Curl your lashes and make lashes look longer and prettier.

Don't have an eyelash styler? Well, we have another way to curl your lashes. Yes, you can do it with a spoon. Grab one and wash it with warm water to give it a little warmth, then dry it. Place the edge of the spoon on top of your lashes and your thumb specifically beneath, and delicately clasp, to give a curl to your lashes.

- Use white eyeliner on the waterline of your eyes and on the edges. This will definitely make your eyes look bigger.

- Conceal! Yeah! Conceal your dark circles. Because they not only make you look dull but also make your eyes look smaller. Use a concealer around your eyes and even it up.

- Mascara! Use a dark colored Mascara and make your eyes sparkle. But wait, let me tell you a small secret here, Use the mascara only on your lower lashes and notice the change this will make your look prettier.


- Highlight! Give your dull eyes some shine and spark with a highlighter.

Don't have a highlighter? Cool! work with an oil; this gives skin a more dewy impact.

- when applying shining eyeshadows, amp up them up by utilizing a warm, sodden brush to include force. The colors will look more energetic and prettier.

- Use a light, shimmery shadow and place it straightforwardly on the focal point of your top, the inward corner, and under the curve. The highlights open up your whole eye, giving you a brilliant and attractive look.

- Love smokey eyes? But sometimes dark smokey eyes may make your eyes look dull. So what to do? Well, we always have a solution. All you need to do is line your waterline with a naked pencil to make them look greater. And give them the perfect look with Mascara.


Try these simple yet amazing tips to pop up your dull eyes and get the perfect makeup look that you always wanted.