PhytoRelief-CC - The Third Generation Phytomedicine for Cough and Cold

PhytoRelief-CC - The Third Generation Phytomedicine for Cough and Cold

By Arpita Mukherjee

Although the effectiveness of taking medications to get over a bad cold and cough is debatable, there is no dearth of over-the-counter products in the pharmacy stores that claim to provide fast relief from the upper respiratory tract infection. Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying medications for treating common cold and flu. Alongside the chemical based drugs, we come across a huge number of phytomedicines or plant based drugs. Because of the presence of plant extracts, phytomedicines that are often sold as supplements are usually considered by consumers as effective and safe. One such product made with plant extracts that has been launched recently in the Indian market is a third generation phytomedicine developed by Alchem International called PhytoRelief-CC.


PhytoRelief-CC comes in the form of chewable lozenge. It contains pure and concentrated extracts of pomegranate, ginger and turmeric. The novel extraction method used by Alchem Life, known as Phytoplex Technology, extracts the active constituents from the plants in such a manner that it helps in keeping the therapeutic properties of the phytochemical intact. 

Scientific Study

Herbal or home remedies for treating common cold, cough and flu are popular worldwide. However, most of these solutions are not backed by scientific studies. Hence, although a large number of people vouch for the efficacy of these natural remedies, their effectiveness is usually doubted by the scientific community. To help clear the doubts, pharmaceutical companies conduct laboratory studies and clinical trials to support the effectiveness of their plant-based medicines, which are known as third generation phytomedicines. The third-generation phytomedicines apply modern technology to the traditional herbal remedies to help improve their effectiveness. PhytoRelief-CC is a third generation plant-based supplement whose effectiveness is supported by scientific study.

According to a study reported in Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica, compared with people who took over-the-counter products including antihistamines, nasal drops, aerosols, vitamin C and aspirin to people who took PhytoRelief-CC seem to have experience faster relief. Although the result of the small clinical trial is quite dramatic, larger studies covering a longer period are necessary before we can offer a definitive conclusion.


PhytoRelief-CC isolates and blends the active plant molecules so that their synergistic effect helps in providing the best result. A major shortcoming of home or herbal remedies is that when we consume the preparations the active constituents in the plants are usually not properly absorbed from the gut and are broken down by the liver enzymes before they enter the bloodstream. The PhytoRelief-CC lozenge dissolves slowly in the mouth when you suck it and the plant compounds directly enter the bloodstream through the buccal cavity. This helps in preventing degradation of the active plant compounds. It is a sugar-free product. Hence, it is safe for diabetics who usually cannot take the sweet cough syrups and lozenges.

Phyto-Relief-CC seems to help in three ways. It works as an analgesic and anti-microbial agent and helps in strengthening the immune system. The phytomedicine seems to help in reducing duration and severity of common cold and flu, upper respiratory tract infections, influenza and throat irritation caused by anesthesia. PhytoRelief-CC appears to be a safe product.