Places to visit when in Tokyo

Places to visit when in Tokyo

By Akash Ranjan

Shopping is the only thing which girls can’t resist. If it comes from finding from high beat to offbeat fashion to the style you desperately want then Tokyo is the right place for you. You can only find traditional crafts as well as vintage wares only in Japan. All your shopping needs will be fulfilled either from departmental store or browsing from second hand treasures. Let us see the shopping spots in Tokyo.

1. Ginza

It is among one of the affluent shopping district and also a home to boutiques and gleaming departmental stores. The very famous are classic Mitsukoshi and avant-garde Dover Street Market Ginza. Fine crafts at Takumi and the shelves full of ingenious toys at Hakuhinkan are available here which gives pleasure. Stationary fiends are accessible at the ninth floors of supplies at Itoya.

2. Asakusa

Once it was the heart of Edo’s low city as well as home to artisans and merchants. Occupied with the small lanes and alleyways, one can find a lot of surprises. Visit to back streets for better quality material. For gift shopping, try Nakamise-dori. Go to the long stretch of Kappabashi-dori which has culinary-supply shops for unique Japanese curiosities.

3. Kagurazaka

It is near the Iidabashi station, with the shops of geta which is a traditional wooden sandal and also the purses which are made from lavish kimono fabric. You will get variety of things here such as hand dyed textiles at Kikuli and Sada’s handmade accessories, vertical pinball game, pharmacy, grocery and parlor. You will also find puppets from around the world and very famous Japanese sweets.

4. Daikanyama and Naka-Meguro

It is refer to as residential enclave of cafes and boutiques. It is among the very fashionable neighbourhoods in the capital of Japan that is Tokyo. It has Harcoza and Okura which are fashion and accessories specialists. It is a home to secondhand stores as well as hidden lounge bars. It also includes the residents of various celebrities. This will take you far off to the typical tourists’ Tokyo, having both the old and ultra modern plus. You will also get a good chance to see the most stylish Tokyoites in their natural habitat.