Planning Ahead Before Embarking On Any Tour Post Demonetization

Planning Ahead Before Embarking On Any Tour Post Demonetization

By Deepa Dasmajumdar

It is hard for travel enthusiasts to stay indoors without setting out for a trip to a desired destination in the festive seasons, especially during the winter. This winter, the same enthusiasms will beckon these travelers to go on a nice tour. Well, post-demonetization, travelling hassle-free seems a little tricky as a good amount of inconveniences awaits you in the places you want to visit due to the cash crunch. Considering, the travelers who love travelling without any planned itineraries or places of stay, may fall in trouble on their trips in the time of demonetization. Travelers of this category must have a plan ready before embarking on a trip to enjoy a hassle-free tour.


Travel Planning

Tours in a Far-flung area:
Some travelers prefer going on a tour to a far-flung destination. At this moment, you must take a note that it is not a great idea. Offbeat locations more often do not lead you to a stay at hotels, and you end up at roadside eateries and even home-stays in some villages. Some villages cannot provide you with proper communication connectivity. Hence, how can you expect the advantages of cashless transaction in these villages? Besides, there are more unseen challenges lying ahead for you. Only a few new currency notes can save you in this type of tour, which appears to be quite difficult at this moment.

Still, if you love the challenges and want to enjoy the thrill of the tour at a far-flung destination, take help from NGOs working in these remote areas. Some travel agencies may help you with your problem. Well, this has been all about your trip to a far-flung destination.  Post-demonetization, it is always advisable to plan beforehand to stay hassle-free. That is because at the time of cash crunch, no one will help you with a credit card or sell you anything without new a currency in unknown places. Hence, make sure you can enjoy your trip using a credit card and debit card. Plan in advance.

Things You Need To Do

This time, plan to travel with a travel agent as he/she can offer you all-inclusive packages. This type of packages is quite useful and time saving as they help you cover your meal plans along with the travel on your arrival at the destination. Plus, you will not be starved for cash in your needs. Simultaneously, make sure your travel agent accepts cheques or online payment.
For local sightseeing or nearby travel, you may hire a car service against cash. Go for rent-a-car service or shuttles that offer cashless transactions instead to avoid hassles.
Be armed with useful e-wallet apps. Now-a-day, there are many. Choose the one that you think offers you the best cashless services. Remember, even some small retails or tea stalls accept payments through e-wallet transfer in urban areas. In order to make your trip hassle-free or trouble-free, you need to plan ahead only to ensure a happier travel experience post demonetization.