Product Review of Jackery Fit Portable Charger

Product Review of Jackery Fit Portable Charger

By Anuradha

Hassle free travelling is not possible until and unless you have in your suitcase a portable charger for your smartphone and tablet. We searched in the market and found out this amazing portable rechargeable battery pack for you.


Here is why you should choose to buy Jackery Fit Portable Charger:-

  • This 3.9x2.5x0.8"powerful device promises to charge your smartphones quickly and the best part is that it will do it not once but 4 times.
  • Jackery Fit Portable Charger can be used for a range of mobile devices including all new and old models of Apple’s iPhone, Samsung smartphones, iPad and many more.
  • This charger will not take ages to charge and will be ready to use in few hours.
  • You don’t have to worry about its durability and safety as it comes with a robust aluminum case that will ensure the safety of the device.
  • You can use this to charge several devices including tablets and smartphones of popular brands.
  • It can be put away easily if you don’t want to use it. Simply lock the charger using the power lock and it will be on standby mode for several months.
  • The Jackery Fit Portable Charger is affordable too! It can be yours for about $25, an amount worth its value.
  • Last but not the least, this charger comes in many colors so you can choose your pick depending on your taste and style.


In conclusion, Jackery Fit Portable Charger is a useful product ideal for those on the move. It will give you peace of mind on those long haul flights and outdoor trips with your family. The charger is easy on your pocket and looks cool thanks to its trendy colours. You can use it for various mobile devices giving you best value for money.