The Himalayan- Your companion to that perfect adventure getaway!

The Himalayan- Your companion to that perfect adventure getaway!

By Priyanka Rele

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is every motorcycle enthusiast’s dream come true. An affordable, simple tourer that is the perfect companion for all places you have wanted to discover. It has been one of the most anticipated launches of this year and the first reviews reflect the perfect mix of energy and enthusiasm that’s rippling across the country in favor of this comfortable adventure tourer. With their latest offering, Royal Enfield has taken the experience of riding their bikes to a whole new level, literally.

The beast within

The engine is a new, four-stroke, air cooled 411cc single-cylinder making 3.3kgm of torque, delivered at 4,500rpm and 24.5bhp of maximum power at 6,500rpm. A little underwhelming but you do get the Royal Enfield feel while riding it. The easy power delivery is suitable for literally all riding conditions. The clutch is a tad bit heavier but the gearbox shifts easily. A carburetor handles the fueling which is easy to fix even in the remotest of areas.

Riders confirm that the Himalayan isn’t extreme but purposeful when it comes to engine power and performance.

The Design

The Himalayan looks like a Royal Enfield, rugged, retro and adventurous. However, it does have a minimalist design with just the fuel tank, headlamps, three fenders and wheels around an engine. The upswept exhaust prevents water from getting in while crossing streams and also lends a sporty look to the bike. The 21-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels add to it. The metal rail behind the seat can be used to mount a tail bag and there are mounts for water and fuel jerry cans. The control levers made of buffed alloy have palm grips and are comfortable to work with. The other equipment on the bike include a fuel gauge, tachometer, temperature gauge, clock, side stand indicator, two trip-meters, gear indicator and a compass!

Overall, the clean and functional design of the Himalayan is quite appealing.

The Ride

Meant for all kinds of terrain, from smooth tarmacs to dirt roads and broken ones as well, the Himalayan promises and delivers a comfortable ride with the help of the 41mm front forks along with the mono-shock in the back. The perfectly tuned suspension, dual purpose tyres and the well-sorted chassis makes the Himalayan nimble, light and surefooted. The brilliant set of brakes in the front and the back ensure safety even in the rain.  The seat height, foot-pegs, and handlebar maintain an ergonomically perfect stance which makes long trips more comfortable than any other bike.

The Himalayan was designed with a very specific purpose in mind and every aspect and element of the bike has been perfected in pursuit of that. The bike inspires confidence, be it on snow, in the pouring rain or even on roads that do not exist. Every biker with a penchant or desire for adventure touring has longed for such a motorcycle which is budget friendly as well. The Himalayan, though simple, fulfills its destiny with equanimity that’s hard to find.