Top 10 Vada Pav Joints in Mumbai

Top 10 Vada Pav Joints in Mumbai

By Ruchika Pahwa

Vada pav is a must-try street food from Mumbai. While Mumbaikars would know about famous vada pav joints out of a whopping number of 50,000 stalls in the city, you must gain this knowledge before visiting as an outsider. After all, foodies would love delighting their taste buds with specialties of a city like Mumbai. Find out our top 10 picks to enjoy vada pav at its best.

  1. Ashok Vada Pav


    This setup near Kirti College in Dadar has been operational for 35 years. However, they have never compromised on vada pav quality. If you want a lip-smacking bite, simply head over to this joint. They claim to make their dish using more than 40 ingredients and garnish it with delicious chutneys. The joint has gained fame internationally, as many Bollywood celebs come to eat their vada pav.

  2. Aaram Vada Pav


    This iconic food stall has been running for 70 years. You can imagine its popularity, as it serves people from all strata and never lets anybody go hungry. Since it is located behind CST station, every traveler can easily reach here to have mouthwatering vada pavs. You will also relish their special red garlic chutney and onion and fried chilies.

  3. Graduate Vada Pav


    Since 17 years, this joint outside Byculla station has been serving foodies with its low-cost delicacy. It not only offers crispy vada pavs, but also gives a variety in chutneys like tamarind, chili, coconut, and garlic.

  4. Anand Vada Pav


    When you crave for this poor man's burger, there is no better place than Anand to take hot and tasty bites of it. Simply reach Vile Parle, opposite Mithibai College.

  5. Samrat Vada Pav


    Located in Parleshwar, Vile Parle, this joint is famous for its twist to regular vada pav. You get to taste chopped coconut mixed with potato in their cost-effective dish.

  6. Gajanan Vada Pav


    This most famous joint in Thane serves you authentic vada pav. However, it has introduced variations in its chutney, with an interesting mix of chilies and gram flour. You will simply adore the combination.

  7. Shree Durga Snacks


    Located in Thane suburbs, the joint is highly popular among Mumbaikars. Many just travel to this place to eat their super-soft vada pavs, served with spicy garlic chutney and an added dose of crisp batter bits on top of vadas.

  8. Shivaji Vada Pav


    A competing business to Anand, Shivaji is also located outside Mithibai College. This award-winning joint serves delicious vada pavs with unforgettable taste and flavor.

  9. Goli


    If you want an international twist to vada pav, then go to Goli. This business chain runs in crores with almost 300 stores. They are famous for their appealing garnishing of cheese, spinach-corn, Schezwan sauce, and chickpeas.

  10. Jumbo King


    The inexpensive vada pav sold by this chain appeals the youth very much. Do not forget to try their Corn Palak Jumboking, Schezwan Jumboking, and Veg Crispy Jumboking vada pavs.