Unique museums in India

Unique museums in India

By Akash Ranjan

When we hear the word “Museums” then it comes to our mind that a hall consisting of stuffy galleries with images or sketches along with the security guard. But there are some unique museums that prove this mindset wrong and shows there is something for everyone. These unique museums exhibits unusual things such as human brains, toilets and even black magic. This is the time to forget history and art museums and it is the high time that you should pay a visit to these unique museums in India which does not only educate the audience but also entertain them.

1. Legends Motorcycling Café, Bangalore

Vintage car museum is very common but this one is for motorcycles. S.K. Prabhu who was a passionate biker started collected bikes in the year 1992. This museum is his private collection. This museum has more than 20 vintage motorcycles and to the surprise all are in working condition. There are few out of these motorcycles that date back to World War          II. One of the best displays of the museum is red and cream color Cezeta, a rare scooter model of 1962 which was manufactured in erstwhile Czechoslovakia.

2. Paldi Kite Museum, Ahmedabad

The city Ahmedabad is very famous for Uttaran or Kite Festival and it is globally known for it. Therefore it is not a great surprise that a city has an entire museum for kites. The brainchild of Mr Bhanu Shah was a kite enthusiast and he donated his 50 year old kite collection of rare kites to Ahmedabad Municipal Kite Corporation. In 1985, this museum was established. It also exhibits some of the very rare kind of kites and thus it is first of its kind in India and occupies second place in the world.

3. Human Brain Museum, Bangalore

National Institute of Mental Health Neuro Science (NIMHANS) in Bangalore is a house of this museum. Under the basement of NIMHANS, this museum has around 300 brains which are preserved in jars. These brains are the collections from donors or the people who met road accidents. Each brain carries a different story and visitors can get to hold a real brain at the end of their tour.